Destitute Warrior

Dent Orka after Fellis War

Timeline in Unreal Land is measured in years After Great Creation (AGC) and sometimes in years Before Great Creation (BGC).


O AGC - year when Slav Ko created Unreal Land and became immortal.

1 AGC - year when Slav Ko met his first wife Rossha. He began a journey to Orkback. On that journey he met Dent Orka, Toll Way, Vrs-Ka Nutti, Razz and many others. He created an army, so called Golden Dragon Army, in which entered more than 25 000 humans and other species who were dissatisfied with authorities in Orkback city. They knocked the authorities in Orkback and made Orkback the capitol of Unreal Land.

2 AGC - year when Slav Ko started his journey to meet with Golden Dragon from which he took his back to create a land in Unreal Land. But he met with him yet in 179 AGC. In this year he discovered his new power, the power of controling water, hydrokinesis. He gained this power when he had smashed the Crystal Triangle, also called Markus Triangle that he found in Yiirakkaz Cave.

5 AGC - year when Slav Ko and his mentor Taylan Nury made mechanical devices.