Slav Ko

Slav Ko Sai Tu, also called Great Creator Slav Ko or just Slav Ko is creator of Unreal Land and writer of the Rules, the book that represented rules in Unreal Land. Slav Ko is known for his feud with Evil Lord Konda that escaped, after their fight, in Morrosonnia. He is also famous because he became immortal after Great Creation.

Early Life

Slav Ko was born to Marioth and Pitter Sai Tu. He had one brother, Dayann, and three sisters, Tirra, Off-Waka and Reewa. They all lived in Tomorthy System on planet Tomorthy. When
Young Wizard Slav Ko

Slav Ko in the age of 15.

Slav Ko was 15 he was really interested in magic and history, but he chose the magic. He studied it for 10 years. He was really good in it. His mentor was pleased with Slav's progress, so he decided to learn him about West Sea Magic, that later helped Slav Ko to create Unreal Land.